In order to preserve the best these companies could boast of they continuied specializing in what they did before the merger. Magirus Deutz is a fire-fighting vehicles and trucks manufacturer, Unic produces engines both for its own trucks and for other companies.

Industrial Vehicles Corporation

The company`s name itself (IVECO - Industrial Vehicles Corporation) reveals how impressive the intentions and their realization are.

International automaking concern IVECO was founded in 1974. The first concern-produced construction IVECO Daily was introduced in 1978. It was one of the world`s first quantity-produced light trucks series.

IVECO concern is one of the largest and most dynamically developing world truck engineering manufacturers. Over sixty thousand trucks and over four hundred and thirty engines are put on the market annually by IVECO concern. IVECO`s manufacturing areas are located all around Europe and they are not limited by Europe exclusively, this brand`s automobiles are in much demand all over the world.

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